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Greetings from our family to yours with love

This website is designed and operated by two individual Bahá'ís and is not the official site representing the Bahá'í Faith on the World Wide Web, and is not monitored by any institution of the Bahá’í Faith. This is as an individual initiative to serve the Clusters and Communities, to provide only resource information.  We welcome your suggestions, thoughts and ideas, materials and stories, please contact us, our email address is:


Although this site is designed mainly for the United States of America, our world Baha’i community is most welcome to use it.

You can download any document on this site for your usage, or your communities' usage with the understanding that they are not used for commercial purposes, without acquiring proper permission from the author/s or the owner/s of the materials. If you have a problem downloading, maybe your server or ours is slow or down, please try it at another time, and please be patient, it depends on the speed of your system.

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You can click on The Tablets of the Divine Plan anywhere in the system, and read or download the entire book.

Disclaimer:  Before sending any material, please know that materials would not automatically be inserted. They are inserted at the sole discretion of the operator of this site.

We do not make any claim, or accept any responsibility for checking or editing; we cannot accept liability for anything. 

If we have posted material that you have created and you wish us to delete the content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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