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Bahá’í Temple in Chile

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Angels of Iran

Stories of Iran’s Angels, an online documentary series about human rights and sacrifices of Bahá’ís.

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Oprah Winfrey and Rainn Wilson 
Discuss Spirituality
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Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 1 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 2 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 3 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 4 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 5 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 6 of 7

Rainn Wilson talks about the Bahai Faith with Oprah Winfrey Part 7 of 7


Coverage of the Bahá’í Faith in China 
On a Beijing TV

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  For part one click above            For part two click above           For part three click above

A China TV Station in USA broadcasted the above program about the Bahá’í faith



Unity in Diversity -Chinese TV

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In English

An interview with  Farzam Kamalabadi


فيلمي از صدا و سيماي جمهوري اسلامي
در مورد بهائيان شيراز

Youth of Shiraz efforts as reported by an Iranian government voice. In Persian Click on the left picture to view


Arising to Serve: 
Glimpses from 41 Regional Conferences

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Journey of Love 
41 International 
Baha'i conferences 
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Images of Baha'is from five continents engaging in core activities

Message  of the Universal House of Justice dated 20 October 2008

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Baha'is in their home communities 
participating in the core activities of study circles, 
children's classes, junior youth activities, 
and devotional gatherings

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 9-minute movie with Gloria Javid,    explaining how they are using Anna's presentation to direct teach in India.  Click on the picture to see the video.


A short video of a 13-year-old pre-youth who used the Anna's Presentation album and connected the hearts of 11 adults and 2 youth to their Lord, Baha'u'llah. Click on the picture to see the video.




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Teaching Trip Experiences of five-year old Isabella, seven-year old Adib and nine-year old Anisa Young. Click on any picture to see it  enlarged. 


On this trip, children performed, taught and found new friends. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.


 See the details of the trip


Khadem Teaching Project

July 28th 2007- July 28th 2008

Dallas Cluster, Dallas Teaching Teams around the Bahá’í Center

On Saturday, July 28th 2007, over twenty-six people attended the Dallas Reaching-Teaching Seminar from many different clusters and cities, and the Khadem Teaching Project was successfully launched.  A vivid and outstanding collaboration between the Institutions of Learned, Rulers, and the RTI was at work. An Auxiliary Board Member, members of the Dallas Spiritual Assembly and the Dallas cluster teaching committee were represented. Fourteen teams were formed, each paired and teamed up with a Persian Martyr, in whose name the team was named. Areas around and near the Dallas Bahá’í Center were mapped and assigned to a team member. The effort is to be regularly monitored and sustained for a year and would last until July 28th 2008. 

                       See Details Dallas Cluster

In addition to the Dallas cluster at the Dallas Reaching-Teaching Seminar, other clusters were represented and teams were formed, and, as with the Dallas cluster, teams paired and teamed up with a Persian Martyr, and were asked to assign themselves an area in which they would be working.

      See Details Neighboring Clusters

Click on any picture to see the pictures of teams and the participants enlarged.


Teaching News in the Southern Region of USA, in summer 2007

Several highly successful youth projects were held in the summer of 2007.  These projects created opportunities for more than 150 youth to develop their teaching skills and confidence in reaching out and effectively delivering the Message.  Applying new-found skills derived from the practices of the institute courses and energized by the love of Bahá’u’lláh, these youth arose to serve in the forefront of teaching.  Youth reached out to receptive populations, initiated junior youth groups and neighborhood children’s classes with numerous seekers, held firesides, engaged in home visits, and tutored study circles.  They traveled to clusters as traveling teachers and trained human resources to reinforce and augment the integrated process of expansion and consolidation in those areas.  

  See the details of the teachings     



















See Neighborhood Children Classes in a Receptive Neighborhood in San Diego on the above Learning in action.


Austin Texas Neighborhood Children Classes




Action of  Alice Mahomes of Detroit.

See The Bahá’í Newsreel -- Volume 15, Number 1 Published:2005/10/13

Being Rich in Detroit, Michigan  for full story.

Home visits are quickly becoming an integral component of Bahá’í community growth, pastoral care, and friendship-building. Alice Mahomes is well-known in her Detroit neighborhood, where visiting her neighbors has long been a part of her everyday life. After participating in a recent intensive institute campaign, Alice now feels confident to bring the Bahá’í Faith to those around her. Watch the Newsreel at the following site.

Taken from: 

Alice chats with neighborhood children



Action of Steven Gholar

Neighborhood Children’s Classes In Monrovia, California

See The Bahá’í Newsreel -- Volume 15, Number 3  Published:2006/05/09 

Bahá'í children’s classes are providing a safe haven for a neighborhood and offering a venue for kids to add a spiritual element to their relationships. How did these classes start? How did parents become interested in sending their kids to the class? Do all Bahá’í children’s class teachers have to be declared Bahá’ís? See their story.  Watch the Newsreel at the following site.

Taken from:


Neighborhood Children’s Classes In Monrovia, California


Day by day Action, Reflection and Refinement of Action during the

CO13 Colorado Springs Cycle 1 Expansion Phase

27 October 2007 – 4 November 2007


Dr. Robert and Paula Henderson interview


To view the above on your computer you need flv player. If you do not have it installed on your computer, check



Columnist Shoaleh Young, finds ways to mention the Bahá’í Faith in many of her articles that she wrote for the Independent-Mail newspaper in South Carolina.  

Click here or on the picture to see some of her articles.


Class Teaches Virtues to Children of Many Faiths.

The story of the Children Virtues class held at Layli Miller-Muro’s home aired  nationally to an audience of over 26 million people on NPR on March 7, 2008, which mentioned  the Bahá’í Faith.

A full article about the classes is also found on the front page of NPR's website, along with an audio link to the story. 

To see the article and hear the story, click here or on the picture.


Video of teaching trip to Rodrigues (in French).

For a video of a ten-day visit to this beautiful green island filled with wonderful and lovely Bahá’ís,

By: "papajoon" Click Here

 Also see


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