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The Beauty of Mathematics

An interesting way to look at mathematics
See how the Love of God will always put you on top!

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Ivan Lloyd has created this website in the spirit of service to illustrate the early history of the Heroic Age of the Baha'i Faith, in wonderful art work.


from the 
of the Faith

Click on the picture Compilation by: Jeanette Hedayati Shaykh Ahmed and Siyyid Kazim in Karbila  Art work of Ivan Lloyd (see above


Jim Schechter, who can be reached at: wrote and presented plays of the history of the Faith for junior youth classes. He will be glad to send you more information or come and present those plays for your schools or groups. He presented those plays at Bosch Bahá’í School. You are welcome to use the plays.

Junior Youth Plays click here

Art work of Ivan Lloyd; see above        


          See Heroes Entire Course zip

         See Blazon Entire Course zip

          Not Even a Lamp Play Zip

        Promised Day is Come Zip        


In support and appreciation of Persian poetry we share

Hafiz-e Shirazi, Rumi, Omar Khayyam
For their work click on the left picture

For Fal-e Hafiz   
To ask the Oracle of Hafiz
Click on the right picture

Click on the picture to read about Hafez Shirazi,
and read the following Ghazal 357 to see how
possibly he prophesied the coming of Bahá’u’lláh. 
Click below to read the Ghazal
















In the above Ghazal Hafez mentions that he saw “Noure Khoda” or light of God, in the “kharabat- e-Moqan”. Our research shows that “kharabat- e-Moqan”, as Shahriar Shahriari translates it to the “Tavern of the Magi”, is the ancient city of Ray near Tehran, Iran.  It is amazing to realize that Bahá’u’lláh, which is an Arabic word, would be “Noure Khoda” when translated into Persian. Bahá’u’lláh was from the city of Noure in Iran and received His revelation or light of God “Noure Khoda” in the dungeon of  Siachal-e-Tehran near the ruins of city of Ray.  More amazing is that Hafiz, who was born in the early 1300’s, saw  Noure Khoda while he was in Shiraz.

A prolific and accomplished Persian musician, Ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi, who was head of the School of Music at Tehran University between 1978 and 1980, plays tar and sings the Hafez’s Gazal 357.

“Dar kharabat e moqan nour e khoda mibinam”

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Cool arts that will 
play with your mind

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13-year-old Aryan Parthor 
with Sahand Keshavarz, 
who live in Boise, Idaho, 
made a Jeopardy game using 
Microsoft PowerPoint. 
Click on the right to play it.





Karen Webb who can be reached at:

wrote and presented plays on the birth of the Báb which can be downloaded and used.







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